Life Is GOOD

Life Is GOOD

  • Travel Maps

    Stuff for my friends and ME.
    I might have to make these private ... but for now it's an easy way to share things with my travel buddies.

  • Maps of Interesting things

    These are mostly files I pull off of KeyHole. Or things I find on Google Earth and want to share.

  • Veterans Affairs

    Maps of VA Medical Centers.
    Someday maybe, I'll have them all ...

  • We Paint On Walls - Maps to murals

    These maps accompany my project to try to document the best of San Francisco's murals, tags, graffiti, and other large scale art that is flourishing in the Bay Area.

    We Paint On Walls is a chronicle of my exploration of the art that has always fascinated me as I was driving past it. Now I'm taking the time to truly appreciate it and to try to share it with you.


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