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Life Is GOOD



Sounds that make you laugh, cry, dance, sing, or shake yer butt. 

This section has gone 100% SOUNDCLOUD !
the only place for original music without ADS

MIKE is currently getting into MASHUPS, Remixes, and Mexican Hip Hop

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YACHT - Dystopia PDF Print E-mail
Young Americans Challenging High Technology.
A HUGE score - Great DJ mixes. I mean REALLY GREAT. PDF Print E-mail
Just don't freaking TELL anyone.
There's 159 of them in this list.

WOW - another great Maya jane Coles remix PDF Print E-mail
Gramatik - The Age Of Reason PDF Print E-mail

Hilarious title. Reason checked out LONG ago.
We're in the Age of Consequence now, dear hearts.

So let's boogie.

while we can
My Thanskgiving playlist PDF Print E-mail
Music from my head to yours PDF Print E-mail

Hello someone.

This is a list of the music that emerges from my brain. I've always loved electronic music, since the days of Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, other early German pioneers. I have been dabbling with music sysnthesis since I bought my Commodore-64.

I'm not the least bit musically trained as you will soon gather. But, nonetheless, it is my contribution to the caucaphony of the internet.

The list evolves over time as I keep adding more stuff.
About 63 uploads to soundcloud as of this writing.


My KORG iKaossilator set.
My KORG Gadget set.
My Loopseque set.
My Ableton LIVE set.



M.CARRICK ~ iKaossilator set PDF Print E-mail
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