Life Is GOOD

Life Is GOOD



Sounds that make you laugh, cry, dance, sing, or shake yer butt. 

This section has gone 100% SOUNDCLOUD !
the only place for original music without ADS

MIKE is currently getting into MASHUPS, Remixes, and Mexican Hip Hop

Oh Yeah ...
This site is maintained under the influence of:
SOMA FM so throw them a bone, y'all !!

Black Flag Flying PDF Print E-mail
Its Evolution Baby PDF Print E-mail
My newest stuff on Soundcloud PDF Print E-mail
Kind of a work in progress.
Some of those sounds I'll keep, others I wish I had never invented!
I think I'm kind of moving over to Google + .... if yer interested at all.
You can check it out on this web piece.

Doncha' love Web 2.0? /m
Here's all the stuff I made myself ...
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