Life Is GOOD

Life Is GOOD

My Projects
  • Pictures


    Something I drew, scanned, downloaded, photographed, tainted-or-tinted, captured, ripped-off, or harvested from the over active regions of my brain.
  • We PAINT on walls

    We Paint On Walls - My collection of Public Art, mostly of the aerosol kind, but now branching into Mosaics, Stencils, and any sort of COLOR one can see for free.

    This project was originally intended to try to document the best of San Francisco's murals, tags, graffiti, and other large scale art that is flourishing in the Bay Area. It has morphed into a collection of murals and grafitti from around the country and (hopefully, someday) around the world!

    It will need to make use of Photobucket, Flickr, and other advertising supported sources, so it probably won't work behind a lot of Firewalls.

    See the MAPS SECTION of the same name !!
    It will help you to locate these great sites.

    Here is my FLICKR set of most of my pictures.
  • My Virtual Life
  • Music


    Sounds that make you laugh, cry, dance, sing, or shake yer butt. 

    This section has gone 100% SOUNDCLOUD !
    the only place for original music without ADS

    MIKE is currently getting into MASHUPS, Remixes, and Mexican Hip Hop

    Oh Yeah ...
    This site is maintained under the influence of:
    SOMA FM so throw them a bone, y'all !!

  • Music Playlists
  • Glass
    My glass projects.
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